At the University of Cambridge (since 2015)

‘Art Against the World: Visual Art 1945-1989’
This is a full undergraduate course comprising 20 hours of lectures, 8 hours of seminar and 40 hours of supervision. I've designed, delivered and examined the course. It runs in the History of Art Department 2016/17 and in 2017/18.

Art and Morality
I've designed and delivered this short lecture course in the Philosophy Faculty. Runs 2017/18.

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Various guest lectures at Cambridge have included: Kant’s Aesthetics, Conceptual Art and Exhibition Practice, Introduction to Contemporary Art 


At the University of Oxford (as a graduate student, 2011-14)

Subjects I supervised on include Philosophical Aesthetics; Kierkegaard; 19th Century Visual Art Criticism and Aesthetics; After Modernism: History of Art after WW2; German Expressionism in Literature and Visual Arts; Philosophy for Artists and Historians of Art.