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Vid Simoniti

Art Against the World 

In this six-part podcast series, I speak to ten Liverpool Biennial 2021 artists, whose work responds to pressing issues such as the climate catastrophe, our changing bodies and legacies of colonialism. 

Click on the player to listen to the first episode, or listen to the whole series on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via the RSS Feed.

Zheng Bo, Pteridophilia 4, 2019. Video (4K, color, sound), 16 min. Video still. © Zheng Bo. Image courtesy of the artist.

In 2021, I was named one of the ten New Generation Thinkers, a joint BBC / AHRC project. 


Below you can listen to my short reflection on how algorithms have become the new art critics, excerpted from the Who Needs Critics? programme. 

Who needs critics? (excerpt)BBC Free Thinking
00:00 / 09:43

I also regularly appear on the programme to discuss exhibitions and art in the UK. Click below for programmes on:


- Liverpool Biennial. Manchester International Festival and socially engaged art (July 2023)

- Turner Prize 2022 and trends in immersive art (November 2022)

- Ecological art at Tate Liverpool and at the Barbican (May 2022) 

This essay, entitled 'Paradox of Environmental Art' was broadcast in May 2022. I ask how environmental art can avoid the trap of sentimentality and inspire change.

Paradox of Environmental ArtBBC The Essay
00:00 / 13:43

In this BBC Radio 4 programme, art historian James Fox explores how technology is transforming the art world. Featuring interviews with Anish Kapoor, Marina Abramović and other artists using VR, algorithmic art and other recent developments, the three episodes investigate how the artists, audiences and markets will be transformed in the future.


I appear in several segments, offering a philosophical perspective on how artificial intelligence is reflected in new art.

[more information] [listen on BBC website]

Cell in place of a Stone [Celica namesto kamna], TV Slovenia documentary on bio-art (in Slovene)

Biological art involves living materials--tissues, genetic code, living beings--which artists modify for purposes of beauty or critique. 

I appear in the documentary as a commentator, explaining the history of bio-art and the challenges it poses. You can find my academic essays on bio-art on my Publications page.

[watch online]

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